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The Why and How of Building Customer Loyalty for Your Franchise

If you become a franchise owner, you will have many different options for where to focus your attention. As you begin looking at these different options, marketing and advertising will likely stand out as being some of the most important to do. The reason is these activities can have a direct impact on the ability of your business to grow. To learn more about succeeding with tasks like generating publicity, marketing to potential clients and knowing your service, we recommend reading our previous post on  franchise marketing . While engaging in marketing activities to attract new customers is very important, finding success with marketing can require a significant amount of resources. Whether those resources are money, time or a combination of both, a common mistake new franchise owners make is viewing marketing as a one-off activity. The problem with this approach is it’s going to create a much higher customer acquisition cost. Why Customer Loyalty is a Great Investment

Kids Learning Center in Mason, OH – Getting to Know All About Kids

As the parent of a child anywhere between 6 weeks and 12 years old, you don’t just want somewhere to send your child every day. Instead, you want a kids learning center in Mason that supports optimal development.   At All About Kids, that’s exactly the kind of environment we’ve created for all our children. Our kids learning center provides everything needed for children to learn and grow. One of the ways we’re able to help children thrive is by putting play at the center of everything we do. How Our Incredible Team Supports Learning and Growth The field of modern child development has a history that dates back to the 1920s. One of the principles that has remained consistent throughout this field is the importance of play. Specifically, play is how children learn best. The importance of play is why All About Kids learning center in Mason uses it in so many different ways. Through play, we’re able to help kids build important traits like individuality, initiative

5 Notable HR Considerations for Franchises

If you’re thinking about becoming a  franchise owner , HR will play a key role in the growth of your business. From compliance to employee leave, there is a wide variety of HR considerations that franchisees need to address. At All About Kids, we take a lot of pride in providing every franchisee with the support and resources needed to thrive. This is one of the several reasons why All About Kids Childcare and Learning Centers are experiencing a larger annual growth rate than other top childcare and daycare franchises . Since HR considerations will play an important role in your journey as a franchise owner, we want to spotlight five of the most common issues that come up, as well as how to deal with them: 1. Paid Sick Leave There are two important elements of paid sick leave. The first is ensuring that your policies comply with all applicable laws. The second is thinking of your paid sick leave offering as a strategic tool for recruiting and retaining great employe