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Nervous About Sending Your Infant to a Daycare? Here are Things That Can Help

Call it a daycare or a toddler learning center, these child care centers are where most children spend their day while their parents are at work. Because of their job requirements, many parents have to enrol their young infants at such toddler learning centers. While you know from the outset that your child will go to a daycare center at a certain age, being nervous on the day off is normal. You are wondering how your child will transition from being the sole attention of their mommy-daddy to being at a day care facility.   Additionally, kids in the age group of 6 to 12 months experience the highest level of stranger and separation anxiety.   Add to it, the cost of the day care. It is gradually getting harder to find affordable day care centers . It all culminates to make you more nervous and unsure about your decision.   However, there are various comforting factors.   Firstly, you are not alone. Over 50% of children in North America from 6 months to 6 years old are in

A Structured Child Care Curriculum Can Prepare Kids for Kindergarten

As per a research conducted in the year 2000 by Rimm-Kaufman, Cox, and Pianta; close to 40% of kids are not fully prepared for the demands and rigors of kindergarten classrooms. If you talk to teachers at Kindergarten and Elementary Schools, they will second this opinion. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to carefully analyze the child care curriculum for the day care center that you have selected for your child. On the other hand, many early toddler care centers (day care centers) have also started investing time and energy into building a Kindergarten Learning Center. The objective of such learning centers is to equip the children with the necessary skill to succeed at the Kindergarten level. These centers are setting protocols and practices that are meant to engage the children and help them learn better. Moreover, there is increased focus on children’s movement around the classroom, their engagement in activities, and the way they work with different materials.

5 Important Things that a Daycare Curriculum Should Cover

  Early years of your child’s life are extremely critical. Children, at this age, are impressionable and absorb every piece of information like a sponge. They carefully explore their surroundings, sights, sounds, and the environment.   Moreover, it is this time when your children establish their identities as a learner. The childcare franchise that you decide to send your child to can have a profound impact on his/her learning. In today’s demanding and fast-paced society, your children are expected to be adaptable, innovative, and logical thinkers. The daycare curriculum and its input method can determine how your child copes with these demands of the society. Following are some of the things that your child should learn just before they go to school. We will discuss the importance of these aspects of their development, and how a daycare can contribute to the same. This information will help you make a proper choice of daycare for your child: 1.        Physical Skills : Chil