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Questions About Opening A Childcare Center? We’ve Got Answers.

As one of the fastest growing childcare franchises in the Midwest, All About Kids speaks with a lot of people who are interested in becoming owners. Since the childcare industry has gone through a lot of changes over the last five to ten years, we get a wide range of questions about opening a childcare center. There’s a lot that goes into this topic, which is why we want to share our answers to a handful of different questions: What Type of Experience is Required?   Our franchisees have a wide range of experience. Some do come from education. Others have business experience and focus on  recruiting  the best staff members to run their centers. Regardless of the specific experience that a franchisee brings to the table, we’re proud to offer our owners a robust training and support program to ensure every learning center franchise is set up for success from the very beginning. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Learning Center?   We help our franchisees determine if leasing

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Childcare Franchise!

If you’ve decided that franchising is the right fit for your personal and professional goals, we want to share five reasons to strongly consider choosing a childcare franchise: Values and Community Operating a childcare franchise is a great way to have a business that allows you to share your values on a daily basis. Not only are you investing in your future, but you are investing in children’s future. This type of business also provides the ability to become a key part of the surrounding community. The childcare and learning center you operate will allow you to be a positive force for the people around you. Giving parents peace of mind and creating jobs are just a few examples of the positive impact you can have with a childcare franchise. Use Your Existing Skills Whether you’re a young professional or someone who’s in the process of deciding what you want to do after retiring, you have a lot of valuable skills. Becoming a childcare and learning center franchisee is a g

What Goes Into Opening a Childcare Center?

Over the last decade, the US childcare industry has continued to grow at a very rapid rate. When the effects of the recession hit in 2009, most privately held companies declined by an average of 5%. However, privately held childcare companies continued to grow during this period. More specifically, the annual growth of companies in this space was 6-7% from 2008 to 2012. Because there is so much demand for quality childcare, this space has attracted a lot of attention from both operators and investors. Plenty of people have decided to dive in and see if they can grab a slice of this industry. While there are a number of compelling reasons to enter an industry that’s growing as fast as childcare, there is a common mistake that individuals make. The mistake is underestimating just how much goes into starting a child care center from scratch. The Big Challenge of Starting a Solo Childcare Center   Since solo operators see so much demand for child care services , they often thin

How Do I Get a Small Business Loan for My All About Kids Franchise?

As an All About Kids franchisee, you will have the option to lease or purchase the land and building where your All About Kids center will operate. While the All About Kids corporate team will provide hands-on support to help you choose the ideal option based on your available cash, net worth, and goals, we want to use this post to provide an overview of the two options for getting a small business loan: Leasing a Building Through the 7(a) Loan Program   Both of the loan options we’re going to cover are available through the US Small Business Administration. The first is a 7(a) Loan. This is the SBA’s primary program for helping start-up and existing small businesses. It’s ideal if your goal is to lease the building for your All About Kids center and only own the business. Through this program, the SBA doesn’t actually make any loans. Instead, it guarantees loans made by participating lending institutions. Some of the benefits of this program include rates and fees that are

Should You Buy a Franchise Business After Retiring from Corporate America?

If you’re getting close to retirement, you’re probably thinking a lot about what you want to do after you officially exit Corporate America. Over the last fifteen years, general feelings about retirement have significantly changed. Although most people still value the increased freedom and ability to enjoy more family time after retiring, a lot of individuals don’t want to spend their days figuring out how to stay entertained at home In a 2016 story about retirement, the New York Times shared that in May of 2000, 12.8% of those older than 65 held a job. By May of 2016, that number had climbed substantially to 18.8%. While some people are unable to retire, many make the choice to continue working. Given the negative health benefits of retiring that some studies have found, staying engaged with work can be a very wise decision. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health looked at rates of heart attack and stroke among men and women in the ongoing U.S. Health and Retireme