What Are the Benefits of Early Child Care Curriculum?

When it comes to evaluating child care centers, one of the most important factors is their curriculum. That's because it sets the tone for everything a center does. Research has shown that the right day care curriculum offers long-lasting social, economic and academic benefits for kids and their parents. Studies have shown that children, including babies and infants from the ages of 6 months to 4 years, benefit from a great daycare environment, including its quality instruction, structure and social lessons.

To dig a little deeper into this topic, we're going to highlight five of the most significant benefits of quality early child care curriculum:

1. Consistent Development

The fact that curriculum follows a schedule and structure is very beneficial for kids. While it's great if curriculum includes a lot of time for play, having fun tasks are essential to their intellectual growth and development. The scheduled activities are also satisfying for parents, who have less worry that their child's behavior will be erratic at the end of the day due to a lack of structured times for eating, playing and napping.

2. Academic Advancement

An extensive study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health found that young children had higher cognitive and academic achievement scores as teens if they spent time in high-quality daycare as young children. Of the more than 1,300 children studied, over 90% had been in the care of someone other than a parent before the age of 4. The study defined “high-quality” daycare as facilities that provide extensive interaction with care providers, support and cognitive-boosting activities.

3. Time With Peers

Daycare interaction gives kids a chance to spend time around one another in a supervised, structured and safe environment. Kids learn how to problem-solve, share and otherwise play and learn well together, while their minds are still growing and personalities still emerging.

4. Positive Interaction With Other Adults

Whether you're interested in this topic because you're researching 18 months baby care center or a daycare center for 30 months old kids, daycare provides an opportunity for children to see other adults as mentors and authority figures able to provide positive guidance. Adult care providers respond to children’s vocalizations, provide encouragement, show a positive attitude and discourage negative interactions in the daycare environment.

5. Smoother Transition to Kindergarten

A study at the University of Texas at Austin found that parents who enrolled their children in daycare were more involved in school life as their kids got older. This choice benefited not only the parents, who had greater involvement in their children’s structured academic life, but the youngsters themselves. After going to daycare kids found it easier to adjust to formal schooling.

If you want to see the benefits of quality early child care curriculum in person, we encourage you to schedule a tour of your local All About Kids location.

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